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"WARNING: Do NOT Go To Your Next Volleyball Practice Until You Read This!"


Desk Of: Hayley Merrett

Dear Friend,

I'm embarrassed. (Or at least I used to be.)

Here's what happened...

About seven years ago, my team was on a losing streak so bad people were making fun of us. We didn't just lose a few games. We lost them all.

This was before I discovered the breakthrough Volleyball practice drills and strategies I'm about to show you.

And it was before these very same strategies made me world famous as a mentor to some of the top teams on the planet.

Let's fast forward to today.

As of today

14,330 Players And Coaches Like You
Turn To Me For Advice

And listen. I'm not telling you this to brag or whatever. I just want you to know that the stuff I'll be sharing with you works. Period.

But before we go any further, let me prove that what I'm telling you is true.


The picture you see above you is a "screen shot" of my Volleyball Weekly Newsletter control panel.

As you can see, there are currently 14,330 subscribers to this newsletter.

Actually the time you see this, there will be more.

I get an average of 167 new Players and Coaches signing up every day from all over the world.

So why do more than FOURTEEN THOUSAND other players and coaches turn to me for advice?

It's all about one thing:


And that's exactly what you'll do once you get your hands on my breakthrough Volleyball system called Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination.

This system has already swept through the Volleyball World like a wildfire.

In fact, here's some of your fellow players and coaches have to say about Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination.

pic1It's About Time Someone Finally Offered Training Like This!"

“I've been playing and coaching volleyball for many years now and I just wanted to say that the info you have ROCKS!

My team played a killer game last week because of what we learned from watching the video critiques. What an eye-opener! I’ve found it’s a fantastic way to learn new skills and understand where our game is lacking - so much easier than trying to follow diagrams and reading books.

I’ve been listening to the audios in the car on the way to work too – which is great coz with a new-born at home I don’t have time to sit around and read all that info. This is really gonna help my whole team grow this season…

Matthew Nash
Croydon , Australia

P.S. I’ve also told the rest of the guys in my team to go check out your site – we all feel that it’s about time someone finally offered training like this!


pic2Please STOP SELLING THIS! (I don't want the other teams to have it!) ”

The volleyball videos are AWESOME! They have shown me the body positioning and transitions for all the fundamentals. I thought that I was doing it correctly, but after watching the critiques, my personal setting delivery improved almost immediately (which really surprised me considering how long I’ve been playing for!).

We are going to start practicing the "slide play" this week. I know it’s an advanced drill but with the video, pictures and diagrams you provide will make it easier for us to learn. I sure hope our opposition are not part of your membership!” :-)

Fiona McMahon
Darwin , NT


“The Volleyball Information You Provide Is Truly Amazing!”

 Thank you Hayley,

I absolutely love your book and all your e-mails, such amazing help you have given me and my teams.  I also have to tell you that it has improved my game!  The videos you are now sending are just great, so nice to have visuals.  Thank you again Hayley and it is a pleasure to be a part of your volleyball family.

FYI - 2006 was my first year as Varsity Coach for Bishop Ahr girls team and I have to tell you it was the best year ever since they started volleyball.  Last year (old coach) only won one game and in 2006 Bishop Ahr finally made it to states, made it to the third round.  I was so proud of them and a big part of doing so well at the school was all your secret information and my girls working so hard.  So keep it coming, next season I want to be even better.

And like I said before, the volleyball information you provide is truly amazing and thanks again!

Have a great weekend.

Arlene Jaronczyk

“2006 Coach of The Year”:

New Jersey News Tribune & Star Ledger papers.


“Our Passing Skills Improved 100%!”

 Hayley, the information you give is very helpful! I downloaded the passing drills in your membership and used the more simple ones at a camp for 9, 10,11 and 12 year olds two weeks ago.  It was a little rough in the beginning but by the end of the week their passing skills had improved 100% Even the parents were impressed at the girls gradual improvement and final result! Your site has been very helpful!

My sister and I currently coach a really good 13 year old club team, and we tried the “piggyback hitting drill” that you had on the website with our 13s and with a little tweaking they have nearly mastered it and we really surprised the coaches from some of the other teams this season!

Many of the older teams coaches were really amazed that we were even trying this.  Like I said our team is pretty darn good for their age.

Thanks for the help!

Felice Castillo

The bottom line is this:

My stuff works and...


Here's how.

Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination is an all in one system that will turn your team into a lean, mean winning machine.

It has four fast and easy parts that get you in the winner's circle fast.

Part One: 16 "Backstage" Video Drills And Behind-The-Scenes Instructions!

Have you ever seen a team that just ...flows? You know what I mean. It's like they're in the "zone" and every move they make is perfect.

In these fifteen hard-hitting videos , you get step-by-step video drills that show you exactly how to turn your team into a winning powerhouse.

The videos are over three and a half hours long, and they're broken down into 16 easy-to-use "chunks".

Each video comes in 3 parts:

First, you’ll see a video diagram and voice-over explaining the drill.

Then you'll literally be a part of the action as you see the coach step the team through the drill.

Then, you get the "Coach's Corner Critique Footage" where we're personally showing you step-by-step how the drill is performed and critiquing the player’s performance.

This instantly gives you a crystal-clear understanding of how to "transplant" these drills into your own team in a matter of minutes.

You can watch the videos right on your PC any time you want—just click and you're instantly transported to our volleyball coaching center. How simple is that?

But here's the best won't just get a video to watch. You'll get A LOT more. Along with each video training session you'll receive...

"Print Ready Diagrams". These "print ready" diagrams break down every play in the videos to show you exactly how the drill is performed.

This means that all you gotta do is watch the video, hit "print" on your computer, and hand these diagrams out to your team.

It's like giving them an instant power-boost (and an almost unfair advantage on the court!)

You also get a series of still color photos clearly showing the individual parts of the drill, along with detailed text that outlines each step and explains each picture.

With the videos, the “print-ready” diagrams, and photographs that go with them, you can't lose.

Once your team gets ahold of this stuff, every other player in town will wonder, "How'd these guys get so good so fast??"

Part Two: 65 "Secret Weapon" Drills And 22 "Black Ops" Practice Routines!

You’ll get an instant library of "pre-made", minute-by-minute Practice Plans - Ready for Immediate Use!

Just hit “Print” and you can run them with your team TONIGHT!

WARNING: These aren't the "same old" practice routines you're used to.

When you run these drills, be sure to have the doors to the gym locked.



Because they'll be your secret weapon for winning match after match ...and you don't want anyone from another team to see what's going on.

I've worked with thousands of players, coaches, and teams to come up with these one-of-a-kind "covert ops" practice plans that'll transform your team into a powerhouse right from the start.

Each practice plan has been professionally designed with a specific purpose in mind: YOU WINNING MORE GAMES.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say:  Your team is struggling with player communication which is impacting your defensive game play…  No problem!

Simply go straight to the practice plan that says:

"This practice plan builds strong defensive skills and develops good team communication…  "Click here to print"

Then just print it, run the drills, and the problem is solved.

Can it get any easier than that??

But it gets better. I've taken only the best, innovative drills from my winning playbook and boiled them all down to 22 minute-by-minute "Black Ops" practice plans that can have you winning matches faster than anything you've ever seen.

No matter what level you’re at… you'll know exactly what to expect from each practice session.  There'll be no surprises when you turn up to training because I've done all the preparation for you. 


That means--with less than 3 minutes of prep each week you’ll have a brand new set of training drills to super-charge your player’s skills and get your Team having FUN together! 

...But don't let the smiles and good times fool you. These practice plans are lethal and your opponents won't know what hit 'em.

They're the result of years of hard work, hundreds of winning matches, and a little "espionage" as well.

After using these covert plans, winning matches will be like taking candy from a baby.

This practice plan library gives you an entire season’s blueprint to transform your team into a dominant powerhouse.

Pretty powerful, huh? I could stop right there and you’d easily get more than enough training and tactics that’ll see your team’s winning percentage skyrocket this season. 

But we’re not even close to done yet. You still have..

Part Three: Instant Champion Mindset Audios!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out… this hard-core, step-by-step audio training will skyrocket your game -virtually overnight.

See, you and I both know that becoming a WINNING TEAM involves more than just training your team in the correct techniques.

You also need that "Champion Mindset" that sets the winners apart from the pack.

You know what I mean ...that kind of mental toughness that gives you laser-focus and keeps you in the "zone".

You're getting over 2 hours of hard-core audio mind-training that'll immediately "shift" your thinking and turn you into the type of player other people wish they were.

...And if you play this for your team before a big match, WATCH OUT! They'll hit the court like sharks during a feeding frenzy.

Here's just a hint of what you’ll discover…

  • Mental Toughness Training - You’ll discover how to control nerves, Become stronger and focused, Increase your motivation, Stay in control of your game and get a Winning Edge over your opponents…plus much more.
  • Using Food As A Secret "Performance Enhancer" ...Legally! Let's face it. Volleyball is like no other game in the world. It takes tons of power, energy, stamina, and focus.

    And did you know that certain foods can actually increase your playing ability?

    You’ll discover everything you need to become a "super-human" athlete including what foods you should (and shouldn’t) eat before and after practice and big games.

    Plus, you’ll get your choice of professionally designed meal-plans to follow. All you have to do is listen to the audio, follow the easy meal plans, and your playing ability (and your team's playing ability) will shoot through the roof.

  • Team "Telepathy" Revealed- Have you ever seen a team that plays so well together, you can't help but wonder if they're not reading each other's minds or something?

    Sure, I know that sounds kind of "hokey" ...but let's face it! We've all seen teams where they work so well together, it's like each player knows exactly what the other one is going to do after play.


    The fact is, this sort of uncanny teamwork and bonding is easy ...once you know the trick to it. And that's what this special audio series does. Transforms your team from a group of individual players and turns them into a well-oiled machine.

Please note--this isn't just a load of theory.  This is powerful, ‘in the trenches' Training that's proven to work. 

You get it in audio format (over two hard-hitting hours!) AND you get it in printed format as well.

But, if all of that isn’t enough, here's something else…

Part Four: High-Powered Interviews with Your Favorite Volleyball Champions!

Listen, this is the only place on the planet where you'll find this.

You’ll get access to 100% exclusive, high-powered audio interviews with the best in the game - including State and National Champions, Veteran Coaches, Your favorite Celebrity Players, Fitness experts, Mental toughness trainers,… and more!

These candid, behind-the-scenes interviews are like getting a "back stage pass" to the inner circle of Volleyball's most elite and sought after players.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside…

  • The behind-the-scenes stories only the insiders know about!
  • The one factor that separates top coaches from the rest of the pack !
  • What the big-time players do to mentally prepare for games!
  • Closely hidden training tips, tactics, and techniques of champion volleyball coaches!
  • Their best and worst experiences—and what they learned from them!
  • Dealing with parents—the world's top coaches reveal the strategies that work (and the ones that don't!)
  • And much more!

It's like having your own personal Q & A with the world's greatest volleyball experts! Believe me -- you won't find personalized instruction like this anywhere else.

This Is Like Having Gold-Medal Coaches And Players Show Up At Your Next Practice, And Personally Walk Your Team Through Each And Every Step Of Becoming A Non-Stop Match Winning Powerhouse!

As you can see -Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination gives you the most comprehensive Volleyball Training program ever made available to the volleyball community.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro volleyballer – with this single training resource you’ll have answers right at your fingertips – anytime you need them.

It's literally like having a secret weapon that gives you an unfair advantage at your next match.

What’s really exciting is that

You Can Put This System To Work For You 30 Seconds From Now!

That’s Right! Within 30 seconds from now you can access the most powerful volleyball training program ever made available online.

That’s because I’ve put this entire training system (all four segments) into an online membership area that’s directly accessible from the Internet. 

You can watch and listen to all the training right from your computer! (Or any computer in the world for that matter. You can even give access to your entire team!)

I normally box this up and sell it in "physical" format for $97.

And I were to box all this stuff up and ship it to you, you'd probably throw out your back just lifting it all.

After all, you're getting:

  • 16 Step-By-Step Training Videos (Over Three Hours Of Behind-The-Scenes Footage!)
  • 65 Pre-Made "Secret Weapon" Print-Ready Training Drills With Color Photos, Diagrams, And Complete Instructions.
  • 22 "Black Ops" Practice Plans. These One-Of-A-Kind Practice Plans Are The Result Of Years Of Coaching, Hundreds Of Matches, And A Little Bit Of "Espionage". Put 'Em To Work For Your Team And You'll Run Out Of Room For Your Trophies.
  • Instant Champion Mindset Audios, Complete With Written Transcripts.
  • Candid Tell-All Interviews With World Famous Coaches, National Champions, And Celebrity Volleyball Players.

It's so much stuff that the shipping charges alone are outrageous.

But As Part Of A Special Test, You Can Get This Entire System Over The Internet For A 50% Discount!

Here's the deal.

One of the players I consult with personally is a techno-whiz.

And he owes me big time because I taught him a simple trick that added four inches to his vertical jump over night. (You'll see how to do that in my course.)

Anyway - he was able to take all the 16 videos, all 65 drills, all 22 practice plans, all of the audio training, and all of the interviews and make them so you can access them all over the internet ...instantly.

And because I don't have pay a fortune to print all this stuff up, have DVDs and CDs made, and ship you a giant box of manuals, videos, and CDs ...I'm able to give you a 50% break on the price!

This means you get the entire system for only $47.88 instead of the usual full price of $97.00.

You're saving $49.12!

But There's A Catch!

It's only a small one though.

The "catch" is I'm only guaranteeing this low price until midnight on .

After then, I'll probably raise the price by at least an extra $50. (I think I'm charging too little for it as it is.)

So if you want your team to instantly get an unfair edge over your opponents and WIN MORE GAMES, you must get your hands on this revolutionary system.

You can place your 100% secure order by clicking here. It takes about 30 seconds to complete your order, and once that's done, you get instant access to the entire system.

There’s No shipping and handling fees. And no waiting. You’ll be transported straight to the private members area the moment you place your order.

And don't worry, I’ve made watching and listening to the training brain-dead simple. There’s no complicated software to download and it works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.

Oh, and by the way ...there's a reason over 14,330 other Volleyball players and coaches from around the world turn to me for advice. It's simple, really.

I'm a straight shooter and my stuff works.

And that's why I'm happy to offer you this "crazy" guarantee:

100% “Better-Than-Risk-Free”

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the drills & practice plans, volleyball video tutorials & skills training in my training center

You'll Get A 100%

No Questions Asked


 But the entire system is yours to keep no matter what!

 There are no “wiggle clauses” or hoops to jump through!

 If  "Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination" doesn't have your team winning more games this season, just send me an email and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. 

And I'll even let you keep the entire course for FREE!

I can’t be any fairer than that. Click here to order now! You have absolutely no risk whatsoever!

There are no questions asked, no “wiggle clauses” and no funny business.

Either you love it or the entire system is yours to keep FREE forever!

Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

There's absolutely nobody else in the Volleyball world who will offer you this type of guarantee ...but I'm happy to do it because I know this will work for you.

So click here and place your secure order right now.

Remember, you get instant access, you're saving 50%, and you're protected by an iron-clad guarantee.

You absolutely cannot lose by putting this system to work for you and your team right now. It's the right thing to do, so don't delay.

Save 50% and get your copy instantly by clicking here and placing your order.

You'll be extra glad you did because when you place your order by midnight on , you also get

Two Exclusive Free Bonuses Worth $97!

As my way of saying "thanks for giving this a shot", I'm also giving you these two killer bonuses ...absolutely free.

I could easily sell them for more than what I'm charging for the entire course, but they're yours as my gift when you place your order by midnight .

Killer Bonus #1

"The Insider Secrets Of Championship Volleyball Coaches Revealed!"

Whether you're a first-timer or a grizzled veteran, this Special Report makes your coaching job MUCH easier...And more FUN!

Inside are 17 MORE easy-to-follow drills and diagrams you can use right now, with coaching methods and techniques arranged in a simple, logical manner -- from the basic to the advanced levels.

This is an extremely valuable asset for all coaches--and it's yours FREE to reward you for taking action immediately! Click Here To Get Your Special Bonus NOW!

Powerful Bonus Report #2

Volleyball Fundraising Secrets: How To Get All The Money You Need For Your Volleyball Club ...Fast!

Fundraisers—ugh, is there anything more dreadful?

With this Special Report, fundraising will cease to be a chore and become a FUN, exciting opportunity that the whole team will enjoy. And best of all, it will make life a LOT easier on you!

It's a MUST-HAVE for any volleyball club or organization....and it's yours for FREE with Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination Training System—but only if you order before Midnight tonight. Click Here To Get Yours NOW!

Listen, I can only guarantee the 50% discount, the instant internet access, and the two killer bonuses to the next until midnight on ...

After that, I plan to raise the price by at least 50 bucks.

And you should know that close to 2,000 players and coaches just like you visit this very website every day.

And with that said,

This Will Probably Sell Out !

It's really just a matter of simple math, you know?

There are 14,330 (and counting) people who subscribe to my Volleyball newsletter, and around 2,000 new people see this website every day.

So if you want to give your team an unfair advantage and win more games, click here and place your secure order right now.


Hayley Merrett

P.S. Remember, you're protected by my 100% IRON-CLAD guarantee. If you don't win more games with my system, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked and no funny stuff.

Your word is gold with me.

Plus, I'll even let you and your team keep the entire system for FREE ...just as my way of saying "thanks for giving it a shot".

Absolutely nobody else in the "Volleyball World" stands behind their product like this and offers such an "outrageous" guarantee.

...But I'm happy to do it because of one simple fact:


Click here and order right away.

NOTE: We use Click Bank to process all orders. Click Bank uses the strongest security anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their system. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one else can access your sensitive financial information. Click Bank is approved by the Better Business Bureau.


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