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 "Frequently Asked Questions"


Q How secure is the payment, is there any risk of credit card fraud?

A This is a very common question as it concerns many many people. I use a company called Clickbank to process my transactions. Clickbank processes millions of dollars in transactions everyday. They are also an independent company from myself. They act like a referee in the event of any dispute and generally favour the customers. I have never had a dispute with a customer and have never had any transactions involving fraud in the entire time that I have been using Clickbank which is just over 2 years.

In addition, your credit card company will cancel any transaction that is proven to be fraudulent. I know this because I had $5,000 worth of fraudulent transactions made on my card from a swipe taken at a restaurant, which the credit card company refunded. That brings me to an interesting point, giving your credit card number out over the telephone is far more risky than using the internet with a reputable credit card processor such as Clickbank.


Q I Don't have a credit card, is there some other way that I can pay?

A Yes, you can pay my money order.

Please contact me at info@volleyballmagic.com for all the details. Please note that it does take a little longer to receive your product and all the bonuses as I need to receive your money order before I can send you access to the download page.


Q Can I make money from selling this book?

A You certainly can. In fact I will pay you just over $12 for every copy of this book that you sell. Please contact me at info@volleyballmagic.com for all the details. Its real easy and you can make some good money from it.


Q Can I go back to the site and download the E-Book and all the bonuses?

A Yes. You can download the E-Book and Bonuses as many times as you need to. Typically the reason for downloading again is because the files get deleted in error or some people forget where they put it on their computer. Please note that it is not allowable to share this book with anyone else. You have only purchased one copy. I make my living from selling this book and if it gets passed around for free it means that I can't afford to pay my bills. If you need more than one copy I can work out a very special deal for you. Please contact me at info@volleyballmagic.com


Q If I'm not happy with my purchase, how do I get a refund?

A That's real easy, just send a email to Rick, my technical wizard, and he will refund your money ASAP. It does make the process smoother if you let him know the email address that you used when you purchased the E-Book, but its not essential. His email address is info@volleyballmagic.com


Q How is Winning Volleyball Skills delivered?

A Winning Volleyball Skills is an E-Book and is downloaded. You will receive access to the download page immediately after your payment has been approved. You will be able to download Winning Volleyball Skills and all the bonuses from that page.


Q I have never downloaded an E-Book before, is it hard?

A Its a very easy process and all the instructions are on the download page for you. If you have any problems, or you just feel that you might like some help through the process, then simply contact Rick, my technical wizard, and he will step you through the process. You can email him on info@volleyballmagic.com,


Q How long does it take to download?

A This will depend largely on the type of internet connection that you have. If you have a "dial-up"' connection then it will take about 15 minutes. If you have a high speed connection it will only take about 2 minutes.


Q What should I do if I have problems with downloading the E-Book or any of the bonuses?

A Contact either myself or Rick (my technical wizard)  and we can Email the book and all the bonuses to you. This is not the most efficient way as sometimes the emails get caught up in the spam filters. Rick will work with you to make sure that you get all the products as easily as possible.






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